About the Artist

Emily May is an emerging artist born and raised in the Bay Area of California.  She trained at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Recently in 2015, she earned her Master’s in Arts degree from San Jose State University.  Emily is currently a practicing artist, splitting her time between Gilroy and Fresno.

Not focusing on one specific media or mediums, Emily works in oil, gouache, and water color, and also uses found objects and wood panels.  She is currently working on “Design series”, a collection of gouache paintings on black mounting board inspired by international and historical styles like Art Nouveau, Mehndi, Celtic knots and Spanish tiles.

Her oil paintings focus on color and organic shapes that simulate waves, with their undulating curves and syncopated placement.  The large scale works invoke nature in a subtle way, while allowing the viewer to project their own vision and desire onto the works.  Often the canvases are unrestricted in their orientation, having no specified top, bottom, left or right; clients freely hang the work in any fashion they prefer without the restrictions traditional paintings have.

For more information, or inquiries regarding purchasing or commissioning work, please e-mail info@emilymayart.com